Our Services

The Right Connection is looking forward to the future. We continue to expand our services to include additional facets of the engineering & construction industry.


The Right Connection offers installation of a wide range of high quality, energy efficient gas, oil, and oil/gas boilers for commercial use, including condominiums, apartment buildings, hotels, and other commercial facilities. We specialize in the latest technology of modular boilers. Trained The Right Connection plumbers can recommend the best fit boiler for your building as well as replace, service and repair all major brand commercial boilers.


Automatic Sprinklers are highly effective elements of a building's overall fire protection system. Sprinklers minimize the chance of dying in a fire by one-third to two-thirds and reduce property loss per fire by one-half to two-thirds, compared to fires where sprinklers are not present. The right Connection has designed and installed over 100,000 sprinklers throughout the New York City area.


The heating, ventilating and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems designed and installed from the 1950s were energy intensive which meant a reduction in utility costs. The right Connection is up to date with state of the art heating and cooling systems, heat pumps, water source, multistack chillers, cooling towers and heat exchangers. We also specialize on the latest technology of VRV systems from major brands such as DANKIN and LG. The latest technology of heat pumps and heat recovery eliminate the use of boilers


We are experienced with new construction installation for restaurants, hotels, beauty salons, water meter setting, retail stores, ADA approved bathrooms & apartment buildings. We would like the opportunity to put in a bid on your project. Our bids are highly competitive and we get the job done on time.